Another city easily reached from Lund, Stockholm! Focussed on style, food and beautiful architecture, what’s not to like?
2 Night trains offered flexible travel, arriving at sunrise and leaving again the following day after sunset.

Turns out there’s more on offer than 2 days can take in. In between the walking I managed 2 major museums: Fotografiska and Vaasa museum.
The first one is self explanatory, I’m curious to visit their NYC location as well in 6 weeks! The Vaasa museum contains the original 17th century ship that sunk right after leaving the harbour. They’re using impressive techniques to preserve the completely wooden ship, including replacing the thousands of original iron bolts used to hold everything together.

On the way back I discovered two things:
– SJ first class sleeper is very comfortable
– SJ is among the least punctual in Europe, giving me 4,5 hours longer to enjoy my bed but causing me to show up late at work…


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